1977 – 8 Beech and Sycamore

An attempt to do the newly re-opened “Cheshire Ring” from Middlewich was stymied by a wall collapsing on the Ashton Canal. The boats turned round in Manchester at the top of the Rochdale Nine and fitted in a trip to Ellesmere Port instead.



Boats:  Sycamore and Beech from Willow Wren Kearns at Middlewich

Crews:  Sycamore: Ian and Suzanne Brown, Clive Coole, Dai Evans, Ken Harrop, Lily Hopkins, Mike Piet, Duncan Roberts, Charlie Ross, Hilary Smith, Grahame Yard and Gill? (12)

Beech – Jim Davies, Hugh Mowat, ?????

Route:  Middlewich – Trent & Mersey – Preston Brook – Bridgewater Canal – Manchester – Bridgewater Canal – Preston Brook – Middlewich – Barbridge Junction – Ellesmere Port  and return to Middlewich.


New Year’s Eve in the Jolly Tar, Barbridge Junction

Photos: One of mine and the rest from David Evans, including a few “people” shots in the Jolly Tar at Barbridge Junction are on this Flickr link.  More information is needed on some of the photos please.




  1. Hi Jim and Hil. This was the time of the first? Firemans strike and the green goddess manned by RAF (?) personnel was escorted to the canal side by a police motorcyclist in a practice and training run. It’s next to the boat museum now in Ellesmere Port.

  2. The Jolly Tar is no more, sailed past it last week and the last lorries were being loaded with it’s rubble. It is now a flat compound but surprisingly the roadside sign was still there.

  3. Fantastic photos!….I have owned the Sycamore for a few years now. Has been re skinned and had a fair bit of replateing but she’s still afloat. Just seen these while sat on her at Shacklestone on the Ashby…Thank you

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