1974 – 5 Elm and Pine

This year the Salford crew were keen to repeat the experience of a camping boat whilst the Newcastle people wanted to go to Llangollen where, for some reason full-length boats either weren’t allowed or couldn’t go. Salford went to Oxford on Bainton whilst Newcastle hired Elm and Pine from Middlewich and attempted to get to Llangollen. I say “attempted” because they didn’t make it due to a tree having been blown down across the cut, although Hilary’s photo’s show they got at least as far as Pontycysylle. Pine, but perhaps not Elm, had time to fit in a trip to the top of the Anderton lift and back.  As I wasn’t on this trip I have relied on Hilary’s very brief notes that accompany her photographs.


Boats:  Elm and Pine – eight-berth boats from Willow Wren Kearns at Middlewich


Pine – Martin Bird, Jill ? (Martin’s girlfriend), Ken Harrop, Charlie Ross, Hilary Smith, Grahame Yard

Elm – Linda Barr, Clive Coole, Steve Greenfield, Lily Hopkins, Mike Piet, Alan ?, Angie ?, Mary ?

Route: Middlewich – Barbridge Junction – Hurleston Junction – Trevor – return to Middlewich, Anderton Lift, return to Middlewich.

Stopping Places:

New Year’s Eve – “Ruabon” (presumably Trevor)

Photo’s:  Hilary’s photos are on this Flickr link.


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