1971 – 2 Grebe and Teal

The first trip, but very little information is available. We started from Rugby and initially headed north. After the first night at Brinklow we turned round, I think because we didn’t want to spend New Year’s Eve wherever it was that we had calculated we would be if we carried on. A few days later we discovered the power of the “towpath telegraph” when, speaking to someone on the cut we were told “Ah, yes, you are the boats that turned round at Brinklow!”  As became usual the schedule involved much running after dark and we got told 0ff by the lock keeper at Atherstone for coming up the flight in the dark which meant that he had to walk back down the flight to check it again! Re-discovery of missing photographs confirms that there were two boats on this trip, but much of the crew remains a mystery.


Crew: Richard Atkinson, Sally Bird, John Boyce, Pete Challis, Penny Clover, Jim Davies, Hugh Mowat, Duncan Roberts, plus ???? (Who was on Grebe and who on Teal)

Route: Rugby – Brinklow – Rugby – Braunston – Hatton – Kingswood – Kings Norton – Birmingham – Fazeley – Hawkesbury Jc – Coventry – Hawkesbury Junction – Rugby

Overnight Stops:

First night:  Navigation, Brinklow (Davenports)Secon

Second Night: Two Boats Inn, Long Itchington (possibly)

Third night at the Olde New Inn, Turner’s Green, Grand Union.

Fourth night: Navigation, King’s Norton (Ansells)

Fifth Night: Dog and Doublet, Bodymoor Heath (M&B) possibly

Sixth night: Elephant & Castle, Nr Hawkesbury Junction ?

Seventh? Night (?)  Atherstone

Photos: Very few have come to light yet but some of Hugh’s and Jim’s are on this Flickr link.


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