1984 Oak

I think this was the last trip I went on. Oak was hired from Middlewich Narrowboats (formerly Willow Wren Kearns) and as far as I can tell the route was to Manchester via Runcorn then up the Rochdale Nine and on to the Upper Peak Forest. My photo’s – and recollections – stop there, but presumably the boat went on to do the Cheshire Ring. It may have been a fortnight’s trip and I have a feeling I only went for the first week. By this stage over half the crew were from North Manchester Camra which led to a certain imbalance in the boating/drinking equation! Dai Evz brought his CB radio set which we used to communicate between the boat and the lock-wheelers – at least until the novelty wore off.

Boat: Oak – from Middlewich Narrowboats

Crew:  Bob Balham,  Ken Birch, Pete Cash, Margaret Cash, Clive Coole (possibly), Jim Davies, David Evans (“Dai Evz”), Angela Jones, Dunca n Roberts.

Route: Middlewich – Preston Brook – Runcorn – Manchester – Marple – Whalley Bridge – ???

Photo’s:  Jim’s photos are on this Flickr link.


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