1983 – Guillemot

I have very sketchy memories of this one and my photo’s have not yet come to light, please help.  It was an attempt to do the “Leicester Ring” from Rugby on a Willow Wren’s Guillemot.  There may have been two boats. We had to turn round at the bottom of Foxton Locks due to flooding on the River Soar   We also did the Welford Arm and had to reverse halfway back in order to wind as there was no full-length winding hole at the end.

Crew –  Jim Davies,  Mark Doran, Ken Harrop, Lily Hopkins, Colin Kennington, Duncan Roberts and some others.

Route – apart from Foxton Locks and the Welford Arm I can’t remember. Duncan did give me some more detail recently but I didn’t write it down and have forgotten.

Stopping Places.  We spent one night at Welford and went in the pub at the basin.  I think we also had a night at Watford locks near the motorway, which you could hear constantly except when a train went past on the WCML!  The pub there was a Bulmer’s Cider House, but I can’t remember if it also sold beer.

Given that this is one of the latest trips I find it strange I can remember so little about it: perhaps it was all becoming routine by then!



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