1981 Redshank and Shoveller

A trip to Oxford and back from Rugby on two Willow Wren boats, Redshank and Shoveller.  “Dai Evz” (David Evans) mended the landlord’s phone at the Barley Mow pub in Upper Heyford and we were rewarded with an extension. We were woken next morning by USAF fighter-bombers taking off.

A classic example of the “chalk on bridges” method of communication occurred on the way back. Some people wanted to stay in Oxford for a look round and we arranged to pick them up off a certain train at one of the stations on the parallel railway. However we got there too early and decided we had to carry on, leaving a message chalked on the overbridge saying “Redshank!  Get Back on Train and go to next station. Amazingly, it worked!)


Boats:  Redshank and Shoveller

Crew:  Pete Cash, David Evans, Jim Davies, Mark Doran, Hugh and Jeanette Mowat, Duncan Roberts, Pat Tidy and many others

Route: Rugby – Braunston – Napton – Oxford and return

Stopping Places:

First night: Bottom of Napton Locks

One night: Barley Mow, Upper Heyford

One Night:  Oxford


Photo’s:  These are the only ones to come to light so far.

claydon-top-lock oxford-canal-1981

Claydon Top Lock             On Oxford Canal

Emptying the toilet tank into a bowser

Emptying the toilet tank into a bowser.


At Claydon Top Lock


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