1980 Elm and Pine

A fortnight’s trip over the Leeds and Liverpool Canal with two eight-berth (55ft) boats due to the short locks. I was only there for a few days and so far have only traced one photo, but Hilary has some prints I can scan. I remember being attacked by a swan in Barnoldswick (it was famous for it apparently) and also trying to find the boat one night by car to join the crew in the pub but being unable to as I assumed every pub would be near a bridge, which is not the case!


Boats: Elm and Pine from Middlewich Narrowboats, both eight-berth, 55ft.


Elm – Christine Bailey, Ken Harrop, Lily Hopkins, John Hopkins, Hilary Smith

Pine – Linda Barr and Dave, Clive Coole, Jim Davies, Mark Doran, David Evans (DaiEvz), Mike Piet “and a few others” (Not everyone was on board all the time).

Route: Middlewich – Anderton Lift – River Weaver – Anderton Lift (one boat only) – Preston Brook – Worsley – Wigan – Leeds – Aire & Calder and return

Stopping Places:

One night in the Burnley/Nelson area

One night at Rodley (and by bus to Pudsey)

One night at Skipton (some of the crew went to the pictures to see a Monty Python film)

One night at Plank Lane, where the boat got covered in coal dust.

Photo’s: Here are the only ones I have found so far but Hil has prints I can scan when I get round to it.

Kirkstall Lock May 1980

Kirkstall Lock, Aire & Calder



Leeds 2

Pine in Leeds

Above Bingley

Above Bingley


The Barnoldswick Swan

Swan attack at Barnoldswick

That Swan again



Location not recorded. Somewhere above Gargrave?



Location not recorded 2

Another unrecorded location


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